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Can You Negotiate the Cost of a New Roof When Purchasing a New Home?

02 March 2023

As a homebuyer, you have a lot to consider when making a significant purchase like a new home. From the location, size, and age of the home to its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, every factor plays a role in your ultimate decision. One aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the home’s asphalt roof. Not only does it protect you and your belongings from the elements, but it can also play a role in your negotiations. In this blog, we will discuss whether you can negotiate the cost of a new roof when purchasing a new home and offer some tips on how to do so.

First and foremost, the answer to the question is yes. If a home you’re interested in purchasing is in need of roof replacement, as a buyer it’s acceptable to attempt to negotiate the cost with the seller. It’s important to keep in mind that not all sellers will be willing to do so, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Do You Actually Need to Replace the Roof or Is It More of a Want?

Before you start negotiations as a buyer, it’s essential to confirm the age of the current roof from the seller. If the existing roofing installation is relatively new, you may not need to negotiate its cost. However, if the roof is several years old, it’s important to assess its condition and functionality. A visual roof inspection when buying a home can tell you a lot about the state of a roof.It’s essential to look for warning signs you need a new roof like missing or curled shingles, cracks in the flashing, and signs of water damage on the interior of the home. Stains in the ceiling and on the walls are tell-tale indicators that something’s not right.

How to negotiate the cost of a new roof

Put your real estate agent to work

If you need to replace the roof, there are several steps you can take to negotiate its cost. One of the most important things you can do is to work with your real estate agent. They have experience with roofing installation negotiations and should be able to help move things along.

Get a home inspection to review the asphalt roofing

Another important step is to have a home inspection done. A professional inspector can confirm that the asphalt roofing is in need of replacement and provide a record of their findings, including specific reasons why the roof needs to be replaced.

Ask a roofing installation contractor for an estimate

Getting a quote for roof replacement is also critical. Not only will this help you determine the cost, but it will also give you numbers to adjust in your purchase negotiation. Some roof replacements come with a warranty. In some cases, the warranty may even be transferable, as with LeafGuard of Cincinnati. Our 50-year, non-prorated asphalt roof warranty is transferable to the next owner of your home if you choose to sell it. A roof replacement may even increase your home value.

New roof negotiations may depend on the context

Every home sale is a little different, so you’ll need to consider multiple factors. What kind of market is it? If there are more sellers than buyers, the current homeowner may be more motivated to work with you on the roof replacement cost. But if homes are selling easily in the area, you may have to forego this element of the roofing negotiation in order to buy the home.

Contact a professional roofing contractor for help

If you’re in the market for a new home, it makes sense to know a reliable roofer. That way, when you find a home that looks promising, you have a professional ready for a roof inspection. If necessary, they can estimate potential repairs or replacement costs. When you’re ready to start your roof negotiations as a buyer, contact us or get an estimate to help build your case.

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