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What to Look For in a Roof When You’re Buying a New Home

16 June 2021

A new home is one of the most important big-ticket purchases a person can make. In today’s housing market, many potential buyers ignore surface issues and flaws in order to get a house- any house. Sometimes, that’s the right move. However, before putting in an offer, savvy shoppers know to look out for potentially expensive danger zones: especially the roof.

Home with GAF Shingles
This home has brand new GAF Roofing completed by LeafGuard of Cincinnati.

Roof Inspection Checklist for Potential New Home Buyers

Are the shingles all there and in good condition?

Broken, buckling, or blistering shingles aren’t the end of the world, but they do damage the curb appeal of your home, and in large numbers they could leave your roof deck vulnerable. Checking the shingles is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped in an initial roof assessment.

Are all the slopes on the roof even and level? 

Sagging slopes can indicate structural problems in the foundation or walls. They could also be due to heavy snow burdens, which you’ll need to know for future winters in your new home.

Is the flashing around the vents, skylights, and chimney properly sealed? 

When inspecting a roof before buying a new house, look for rust, caulk spots, and cracks. These could all spell trouble down the road for your roof and should be considered before making an offer.

Is the roof free of moss and lichen?

Too much moisture on your roof will allow moss and lichen to grow…and too much moisture means your roof is vulnerable to rotting. 

How old is the roof? 

If you’re buying a home with an old roof, keep in mind that traditional asphalt shingles are typically ready for replacement after 20-25 years. Your realtor should be able to tell you when the roof was last replaced. If it’s been more than two decades, you should factor in the potential cost of a roof replacement when you’re buying.

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