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Do LeafGuard Gutters Work in Winter?

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Does LeafGuard® Gutters Protection Work in Winter?

Gutters need to be able to handle snow and ice the same way they handle rainwater – with ease and efficiency. This can leave many homeowners wondering how best to handle these clogs and build-ups when it comes to winter gutter protection. If you have poorly constructed gutters, it can leave your home vulnerable to all sorts of moisture damage that can be caused by snow, ice, and heavy rain. Thankfully, the LeafGuard® gutter system works great in winter and all weather conditions thanks to their convenient built-in gutter guard protection.

LeafGuard® Gutters Benefits in the Winter

While traditional sectional gutter pieces will simply fill with debris, LeafGuard® gutters will keep out all unwanted sticks, leaves, and twigs so that they won’t cause clogs and rainfall to build up. This is especially important in the winter months because any water that isn’t flowing through your gutters can freeze and cause serious damage to your system. LeafGuard® one-piece gutters are also less likely to leak. With conventional gutter sections that are pieced together, leaks often cause joints to come apart or freeze in the wintertime. With typical multi-piece gutter sections clogs and leaks can easily result in damage to your roof or foundation but with LeafGuard® gutter protection in place, there are no joints and no leaks.

In addition, the gutters you have installed on your home must be able to channel all water caused by melting snow away from your home. This is because if your gutters are constantly clogging or have a drainage problem, melting snow can overflow your gutters and result in costly water damage to your home. However, one of the primary gutter benefits for winter that homeowners enjoy is enhanced debris management with built-in guard protection to prevent clogs. Rest assured with a LeafGuard® gutter system in place, it is engineered to handle up to thirty-two inches of water drainage or rainfall an hour. Furthermore, our seamless gutter features a scratch-resistant finish that will hold up through harsh winters and year-round. Each one of these features works together to benefit your home, making LeafGuard gutter protection the perfect high-quality option to handle the melting snow and rain of winter.

LeafGuard® of Cincinnati Provides Impressive Seamless Gutters to Local Homeowners

If you’re looking for a reliable company that you can trust for a gutter replacement at your home, look no further than the experts at LeafGuard® of Cincinnati. We are the exclusive source for seamless, clog-resistant gutters and our products will instantly enhance, protect, and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our innovative one-piece gutters have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for outstanding customer service. For all of your gutter needs, LeafGuard® is the clear choice.

Best in Class & Certified Gutter Installers

Our experienced installation team adheres to all manufacturer guidelines when installing your new LeafGuard® gutters. Our team ensures that your new gutters will be properly pitched and fastened to your home so that they will hold up in severe weather and function properly in heavy rains. And, your new gutters will be fabricated on-site during the installation to ensure a custom fit to the unique dimensions of your home.

Get the LeafGuard® Gutter System for Your Home

If you’re ready to see what it’s like working with an impressive seamless gutter company for a brand-new system at your home, get an estimate today. If you have questions about our process or products, contact us. When you do, we will happily answer any questions you may have during a complimentary consultation.

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