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How to Improve Your Curb Appeal and Home Value

A home is more than just a roof over your head. The way a home looks is a reflection of its owner’s taste, style, and care for their property. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your house’s exterior for your own enjoyment or whether you hope to sell it, there are a number of curb appeal ideas to improve and potentially increase home value. Check out our list of exterior home remodel ideas below: 

Coordinate exterior home colors cohesively

Keep color coordination in mind when you’re updating your home’s exterior. Clashing colors send the wrong message. Instead, it’s best to stick to a simple color palette with pleasing visuals. Feel free to have fun with your design- just don’t go overboard.

Paint the front door

Painting the whole house is a big commitment, but painting the front door is an easy task and a common home curb appeal idea executed by many homeowners. You can choose something neutral that coordinates with your trim and siding, or you can paint your door your favorite color. Some homeowners send messages with their front door color. For example, did you know that red doors have historically indicated welcome to visitors?

Get creative with home landscaping

Have a green thumb? Put it to good use by planting trees, cleaning up your garden, or planting one if you don’t have one already. A splash of color from flowers and lush greenery will always improve curb appeal.

Install window boxes

If you’d rather start small than jump straight into planting an entire garden, window boxes are a great way to ease into the green life. You can water flowers straight from inside your house and change them seasonally. Window boxes are also an easy way to involve kids and other family members in your home’s appearance- assign each person a window box they can be proud to maintain.

Clean your sidewalk and driveway

Before owning a pressure washer, you might not notice buildup of grime and dirt on your sidewalk. But once you’ve turned on that hose and sprayed a line of water on the cement, you’ll never want to go back to letting the rain handle it. There’s something so satisfying about a bright, clean driveway and sidewalk. It’s a statement that you take pride in your home’s appearance and curb appeal (and it’s fun to do!)

Replace the mailbox

Mailboxes present another opportunity to improve curb appeal and to show off your personality. Carl and Ellie from the Pixar movie Up painted theirs with colorful handprints. You don’t have to go quite that bright if you don’t want to, but switching your existing box with something that matches the aesthetic of your home can provide an excellent introduction to your style.

Proudly display modern house numbers

Delivery drivers will tell you there’s nothing more frustrating than struggling to read the house numbers in a neighborhood. These days, manufacturers offer numbers in a wide variety of fonts, styles, and sizes. You can even find illuminating lighted house numbers. Be sure whichever numbers you choose are both legible and visible from the street. This is an easy way to get low maintenance curb appeal (and bonus points from your pizza guy.)

Update the outdoor lighting around your residence

Once you’ve made all your aesthetic updates, you’ll want to make sure you can see them. This is a great opportunity to switch old porch lights for newer styles. Some opt for outdoor home lighting in their yards that shine on the walls. Backyards are a great playground for lighting as well- who doesn’t want a patio dinner party with string lights for ambiance? Get creative!

Replace your shingles

Replacing your roof is one of the biggest home improvement decisions you can make. Your roof not only impacts your curb appeal, but it protects everything inside your house! If all of your exterior updates are for the sake of selling your home, you might be wondering, “Does a new roof increase home value?” Maybe, depending on your situation. A professional roofer can help you choose the right shingle for your home’s needs, including curb appeal.

Install new gutters

One of the improvements that makes a huge difference in your home’s appearance is replacing your gutters. Both functional and aesthetic, gutter systems come in many colors, so it’s easy to find some that match your color scheme. New gutters are also a great selling point for home value. An upgraded gutter system looks great and works to protect your home from damage, so it’s an all-around win!

Helping you boost home value with curb appeal ideas

Whether you choose to go the DIY route with small home exterior improvements or if you go big, you’ll help increase home value and share parts of your personality through your design choices. For questions concerning more complex home projects like replacing your roof or gutters, contact us today by calling 513-512-4046!