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How to Prevent Costly Home Damages & Problems with Seamless Gutters

When your gutters are working correctly, you might forget they exist. That’s what’s supposed to happen- they work behind the scenes to drain water away from your home, so you don’t even have to think about them. Unfortunately, when you have gutter problems, you can’t afford to ignore what’s happening on your roofline. 

Can gutters cause home water damage?

Clogged gutter damage is serious. Water seeps behind the gutters into the roof deck, ceiling, and walls. It can lead to a weak foundation, leaks in your ceiling and roof, landscaping erosion, and even mold inside your home. 

So can clogged gutters cause water damage? Absolutely. And it’s not cheap to fix. Depending on the severity of your gutter problems, you could be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage. 

Gutter drainage issues

The first line of defense against clogged gutters is ensuring your gutters are cleaned routinely. If you’re noticing anything unusual, such as leaves sticking up from  your house gutters, slow water flow, or drips on your walls, investigate the inside of your gutter to be sure it’s free of pine needles, leaves, and other detritus. While rain gutters don’t have an expiration date, they can lose performance over the years when subjected to severe weather and wear and tear. Blocked gutter damage and clogs could be a sign it’s time to replace your gutters.

A solution to prevent home damage: clog free gutters 

One of the best ways to prevent any damage to your home before it starts is to install seamless gutters. LeafGuard gutters are designed with a curved hood and trough made from one piece of metal. They shed debris from the top of the rain gutter so it doesn’t get inside in the first place. The water then flows easily through the gutters, down the downspouts, and safely away from your home’s foundation.

Tired of the same old gutter issues?

Before making any major decisions, it’s always best to consult a professional about gutter guards and seamless gutter systems. If you’re having gutter problems, the sooner you can address them, the better! Buying a new LeafGuard® gutters system is an investment, but the cost of repairing home water damage might be much higher than a preventative purchase. We offer complimentary in-home estimates for homeowners who are interested in preventing gutter damage.