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How Often You Should Clean Your Gutters?

22 June 2022

One of the seemingly never-ending tasks of home ownership is cleaning gutters. Depending on the season, a wide variety of debris (and residents!) might be filling your gutters, preventing the proper flow of rainwater. 

If you have trees in your yard, your gutters likely have encountered leaves, pine needles, seeds, and twigs. Grit and fragments from roof shingles can end up clogging gutters too. You might also have bird nests or even squirrels who have moved in! 

Seasons affect when to clean gutters & how often to clean your gutters

Each season brings with it new possibilities for clogged gutters, so it’s best to check that your gutters are clean at least twice a year. You might need to clean rain gutters more often if your home is surrounded by trees or if you experience frequent storms. The best time to clean gutters is before they’re full of odds and ends. These tools to clean gutters are a useful way to keep your eaves in great shape!

When Cleaning Gutters Look Out For:

  • Wind and rain from summer thunderstorms can dislodge needles, leaves, and twigs from nearby branches. Check your gutters for these remnants so they don’t rot inside your gutters. 
  • Fall sends millions of leaves spiraling down from trees, and it’s inevitable that with a standard gutter system, some will fall into the gutters. Make sure you have clean gutters by the time all the leaves have fallen.
  • Snow and ice can also clog your gutters under certain circumstances, such as with improper sloping. You definitely don’t want to let water stand inside your gutter for long when it’s cold outside. The weight of the ice can cause your gutter to bend and even pull away from the house. This is more of a concern with older gutters that may have weakened over time. 
  • Spring flower blossoms are beautiful, but did you know they can also get inside your gutters? Cherry blossoms, dogwood, magnolia blooms, and other flowers add a lovely touch to your landscaping, but can cause a real disaster if they’re left to linger inside your gutter trough. 

Home Maintenance Impacts When to Clean Gutters

As you can tell, the weather makes a big difference when it comes to the best time to clean gutters. Other factors, like the type of gutter (open, covered, or seamless), age and condition of your gutter system, and how well the house gutters have been maintained in the past can make a difference too. The more closely you pay attention to the condition of your home, the better you’ll be able to determine when to clean your gutters. 

Maintenance Free Gutter Systems

If you don’t want that hassle anymore, or the thought of climbing on a ladder every season is a bit daunting, you might consider looking into a seamless gutter system that doesn’t require cleaning out your gutters. Get a complimentary estimate today!