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Best Places to See Beautiful Cincinnati Fall Foliage

05 October 2020

Leaves are  one of the best parts of fall. We’ve found 5 great places to see Cincinnati fall foliage just a short drive away.

Fall Leaves in Mt. Airy Forest
Fall leaves in Mt. Airy Forest; photo by pilssken

Autumn brings to mind a few key ideas: crisp, cool air, the scent of freshly baked apple pie, spooky movies…and of course, leaves changing from the greens of summer to rich, autumnal hues. It’s fall foliage time! Here in the greater Cincinnati area, the Farmers’ Almanac predicts fall leaves will be at their peak right in the middle of October. We’ve already noticed plenty of progress. Over the next few weeks, more and more neighborhoods and parks will turn incredible shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Fall Leaves in Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati
Leaves are changing quickly in Mt. Airy Forest. Photo by pilssken

So where can you check out those leaves yourself?

Mt. Airy Forest

Fall Leaves in Mt. Airy Forest, Cincinnati. View toward the sky.
Everywhere you look, leaves are turning beautiful fall colors in Cincinnati, OH. Photo by pilssken on Flickr

Mt. Airy Forest is the largest park in Cincinnati with almost 1,500 acres of land. This park is dog and family-friendly! There are many locations within the park that are perfect for a picnic. Take a hike on one of Mt. Airy Forest’s many trails to get up close to the stunning display of fall leaves. There are both paved and natural trail options for every kind of hiker.

A large frisbee golf course gives you another perspective, with open spaces to balance out the thick forest (plus something fun to do while you’re there.)

Everybody's Treehouse Cincinnati - Marisa Huncherick - Fall Leaves Cincinnati
Everybody’s Treehouse is open year-round to the public. Photo by Marisa Huncherick

One of Mt. Airy Forest’s most unique features is Everybody’s Treehouse, an accessible structure built with wood from the forest itself. It’s a great place for children to play and for the whole family to take in autumn leaves from a different perspective. Next, on the other side of the city, is another park!

East Fork State Park

East Fork State Park has something for everyone. With a diverse landscape-including woodlands- there are plenty of incredible sights to be seen, including breathtaking fall leaves. This park is a major camping destination- perfect for a weekend away from the city. 

Fall Leaves in East Fork State Park
East Fork State Park has waterfalls to explore. Photo by Mark Birkle

Beyond camping, East Fork offers many other activities to enjoy in all seasons, including fall. Hiking is an obvious choice, with dozens of miles of trails all over the park to enjoy fall foliage in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you find the right trail, you’ll end up near small waterfalls and hidden ponds. Fishing, hunting, and swimming are also great options during fall. As the weather gets colder, you can go sledding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and even ice fishing!

East Fork State Park - Mark Birkle - Fall Leaves Cincinnati
Fall colors in Cincinnati, OH are in full force at East Fork State Park. Photo by Mark Birkle

Alms Park

For panoramic views, one excellent location to see Cincinnati fall foliage is Alms Park. Best known for its beautiful pavilion, this park is perfectly situated for a chance to see the big picture of changing fall colors. From the park, you can see gorgeous views of the Ohio River, Little Miami River, and the hilly landscape of Northern Kentucky.

Alms Park also offers hiking trails for you to come into close contact with the rapidly changing leaves, in addition to playground areas and overlook spots. It’s really the best of both worlds, and there’s a good reason this park is one of the most visited in Cincinnati.

Spring Grove Cemetery

Spring Grove Cemetery - David Ohmer - Fall Leaves Cincinnati
Wherever you go in Spring Grove Cemetery, there are beautiful leaves turning colors. Photo by David Ohmer

A cemetery may seem like an unusual choice, but Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum is no ordinary resting place. The land is filled with a variety of large, beautiful trees that claim some of the best fall foliage in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Park your car and take a peaceful walk through the well-kept grounds. Everywhere you look, autumn tones contrast with the headstones, mausoleums, and other features.

Spring Grove Cemetery 2 - Fall Leaves Cincinnati
The walking paths in the cemetery are perfect for observing leaves. Photo by David Ohmer

Many of the trees in the cemetery and arboretum have won awards, and their size and colors are hard to match elsewhere in the Cincinnati area.

Your Backyard!

Fall Leaves - LeafGuard
Each shade a leaf turns is breathtaking in its own way. Photo by Corey Balazowich

Spending more time at home lately? You may be paying extra attention to the view from your own window. If so, you’ll notice the leaves transforming before your very eyes, day by day. Try taking a walk through your neighborhood and you’ll be sure to see a wide array of leaf colors this season. 

Gutter clogged with debris
Traditional gutters can clog all-too-quickly. Photo by LeafGuard®

One of the places you don’t want to see leaves, however, is your gutter. The best solution to preventing clogging  is a seamless, custom cut system that’s built to last. LeafGuard® gutters are a permanent solution, not a hood, add-on, or bulky gutter guard cover. With LeafGuard® installed, you can have peace of mind knowing the leaves from your trees aren’t landing in your gutters and causing harm down the road. Instead, your gutters are clear and you’re free to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons!

If you want your fall days to be stress-free, contact us at 513-512-4064 to get started.

LeafGuard gutter
LeafGuard gutters won’t clog with leaves or other debris. Photo by LeafGuard®