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What to do with my Gutters in Winter?

15 November 2023

Winter is lovely since it allows us to spend more time indoors under warm blankets, taking in the scenery. We also enjoy delectable comfort foods that are unique to the winter season. Winter, though, is not always nice. The harsher weather brings disaster if homeowners don’t properly prepare their home’s exterior, especially their gutters. Take the precautions to get your gutters ready for winter to lessen the likelihood of foundation damage in the spring.


How to Prepare Your Gutters for the Winter

Gutter systems are receiving an undesirable amount of leaves that are falling from the trees too soon. It’s now time to prepare your gutters for the winter. Even though it’s an annoyance, it’s critical to keep your gutters clear of dirt and clean so they can effectively divert water away from your house.


Preparing your gutters for winter is extremely important to prevent leaves from causing damage and malfunction. Verify your gutters are prepared for the winter.


Inspect Your Gutters to Prep Them for Winter


For the upcoming winter, make sure your gutters are in excellent condition, seal any cracks, and inspect any seams. Look for any missing or loose fasteners, as these could allow the gutter or downspout to blow off the roof and damage your house, the area around it, or the people below. Contact your local gutters expert for inspection to make sure your gutters are ready for every season. 


Clean Your Gutters


Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for winter. When leaves clog your gutters and stop water from flowing through them, your house is more susceptible to water damage. The combination of the heavy weight of damp leaves and the weight of snow and ice can eventually make your gutters rather heavy. 


How often do you need to clean your gutters? Gutter maintenance is essential to keep them functional and clean, as they aren’t designed to hold a lot of weight!


Install Gutter Guards


For a gutter system to be successful over the long run, a high-quality installation is essential. You may be confident that you will get the best customer service and craftsmanship when you buy LeafGuard gutters. Our lengthy history of excellent installations and pleased clients makes us proud. Our team of skilled and certified gutter fitters custom fits LeafGuard gutters to your home’s exact dimensions. Our lifetime warranty covers all LeafGuard installations, so you never have to worry about fit, performance, or ugly seams again.


How LeafGuard will protect your home during winter?

Gutter ripping away from homes is mostly caused by clogged and frozen gutters. Water can build up in a clogged gutter and cause it to freeze over. The entire item may come off if there is an accumulation of enough ice or debris to be too much for the fasteners.


Does LeafGuard® Gutter Protection Work in Winter? Yes, LeafGuards prevent debris from entering gutters, preventing clogging. That is beneficial in the winter.


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