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Signals Your Gutters Need Replacement

26 February 2018

Gutters in poor working condition are a detriment to your property.  Without them, your basement can become flooded, your landscape can wash away, and your driveway can be transformed into an ice arena.  Call us if you notice any of the below issues because it means your gutters should be replaced sooner than later.

Leaking Gutters: One of the biggest perks of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters is their seamless design.  This means that water does not have the ability to leak through seams?  Why does this matter?  Leaks in the seams of your gutters allow water to directly pass through them and straight towards your foundation and landscaping.  Best case, your mulch washes away during a heavy rainstorm.  Worst case?  Your basement becomes flooded or your foundation begins cracking.

Pooling Water Around Your Foundation: The primary function of gutters is to filter away from your home’s foundation.  If you’re seeing puddles of water or mildew in close proximity to your house’s foundation, it means that there’s an issue causing your gutters to not work as they should.  Call a professional ASAP before the damage to your foundation is irreversible.

Gutters Pulling Away From Your House: If this is happening, it’s because the gutters are full of weighty water that cannot be dispersed.  Regardless, if this is happening, the gutters cannot function as they should and are doing little to collect rainwater and direct away from your foundation.

Dry Rot on the Exterior of Your Home: Gutter leaks that are left undetected allow excessive rainwater to come in contact with wood on the exterior of your home.  If you’re noticing your window wraps disintegrating or your fascia board cracking, it is likely malfunctioning gutters are the culprit.

Rust on Your Siding: Homes with galvanized steel gutters are prone to rust spots on their siding.  As the outer coating wears down, the steel begins oxidize which leads to the creation of rust.  This rust will eventually stain the siding creating a genuine eyesore.  Opting for LeafGuard® Brand Gutters, which are comprised from aluminum 20% thicker than basic gutters, eliminates this worry altogether.

You’re Continuously Climbing Your Gutters to Eliminate Clogs: Climbing a ladder to unclog your gutters is a downright dangerous chore and results in an outrageous number of emergency room visits each year.  Switching to LeafGuard® Brand Gutters means that if for any reason your gutters clog, it’s our team coming out to address the situation.  Best yet?  Our no-clog warranty applies to you and the next homeowner, making it a selling point when you list your home.