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LeafGuard Cincinnati

Gutters – Gregory W. – independence – 11.11.23

The only regret we have; is we didn’t have them installed years earlier.
Leaf Guards and the 6″ gutter upgrade to our home are some of the best money spent. The back gutter used to run over onto the ground every time it rained ruining the ground below it. With our Leaf Guards and upgraded 6″ gutter system no longer any problems with run over.
We bought the downspout cleanouts on each downspout and are sure glad we did, makes cleaning out of small debris an easy task. SHOUTS OUT TO LEAFGUARD!

Gutters – Amy J. – West Alexandria – 10.24.23

The best home improvement I have ever done. Everyone was really nice. They did the job in a day and cleaned up when they were done. I got home from work and you couldn’t even tell they had been there except for the awesome gutters. Before getting my LeafGuard gutters every time it rained the water would come into my garage. Since having them installed the rain stops about two feet from the garage door. I wish I had them installed when the house was built!! Great company Highly recommend them!!

Service – Jennifer – gutters –

The guys at LeafGuard have been extremely helpful, especially Evan R. We can’t thank him enough! The helpful, quick responses whenever we have a question or support need. Highly recommend Evan and LeafGuard!!

Gutters – Maryanne – Cincinnati 8.31.23

Darren came out and fixed my problem. He was very polite, took time to fix my gutter, and knew what he was doing. I wanted to call the company and let them know I’m very happy. We would highly recommend it!