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What To Do With Old Gutters

08 September 2015

What to do with old gutters

When you make the big decision to replace your gutters, there’s no reason to simply throw out your old ones. There are lots of creative uses for gutters that don’t involve the trash. Upcycle used gutters instead to make boat races for kids, gardens for Mom, or new garage shelving for Dad. Check out these cool uses for old gutters  to repurpose your  metal, vinyl or aluminum gutters. Go ahead and get creative!

Rain Gutter Regatta

Gutter boat races are perfect when you utilize the horizontal sections of old rain gutters for competitive races. Simply fill them with water, then place homemade boats in the water to race them along with air blown by each participant. This test the skills not only of making a homemade wooden or metal boat but individual racing skills as well.

Rain Gutter Bookshelves and Wall Shelves

If you’re always looking for more space for tools, gardening supplies, or books, mount your used gutters on the walls in your shed, garage, or home. Voila! Extra floor space plus an attractive and handy way to display your stuff. You can even use them in craft rooms to store anything from paint and markers to ribbon and tape. They’d go perfect in a kids’ room for displaying books. Simply hang them atop wainscoting all along the walls for a creative use of space.

Herb Garden Gutter Planters

If you’re a gardener with a green thumb, one of the most common uses for old gutters is repurposing them as receptacles for growing aromatic herbs. This is an ideal way to grow herbs because the gutters encourage growth and irrigation when you puncture small holes into them. Plus, you can hang them on your wall, roof, balcony, ceiling, or outdoor shed to get some sunlight and fresh air. Place seeds inside and water regularly, making for a great way to repurpose old gutters with end caps cut to size and suspended however you want them.

Ice Caddy Picnic Table

Got a bunch of old cables laying around that you need but that you won’t want to see? Stuff the cables from TVs, cabinets, printers and office desks inside a mounted portion of gutter, either on the wall or underneath your desk. No more eyesore!


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