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Planning a Garden

17 May 2016

The time for planning a garden is now. First off, you’ll need to choose a garden type and location, design the area, and purchase all the necessary supplies. Creating the perfect garden for your yard or patio takes time and planning, but the rewards are bountiful. Here are some questions you should ask before you begin planting your garden.

Where Will You Plant Your Garden?

If you’re planning a vegetable garden, a four-by-four-foot plot of land is a great starting point. If you find this is too restrictive this year, make plans for expansion the following year. To keep critters and pests out, install a small fence. Just be sure to put it in before you start planting because once coyotes and rabbits taste the finished product, they will be back for more. For flowers, sun and shade determinations are important. All flowers are different in terms of how much sun they should and shouldn’t get, so do your research.

In general, vegetables need full sun for eight hours a day. Flowers may need a mix of sun and shade. Over the course of a few days, take a look outside at the desired area to see how many hours of sun and shade it gets. This will help you make your decision.

What’s the Plan Season by Season?

You need a schedule as you move through the seasons so there are no bare spots at any time. Planting the right flowers in the order of their appearance is important because some flowers bloom one month and are gone the next. Plan accordingly so you always have a colorful collection. You will also need plenty of evergreen plants to balance it all out. If you want to grow tomatoes, don’t forget to plant smaller veggies nearby, as tomatoes take a long time to thrive.

What Supplies do You Need?

 Take a look in your shed. If you don’t have the basics, go to the home improvement store for things like spades, garden forks, hose, hoe, gardening gloves, hand weeders and baskets. You’ll also need seeds or seedlings, depending on preference.

Planning a garden is hard yet rewarding work. The next step is to make sure your property includes a stellar drainage system. Schedule an appointment with us!