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Interior Decorations for a Festive Christmas

13 December 2016

Cookies, egg nog, and twinkly lights–’tis the season! The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. At LeafGuard® of Cincinnati, our specialty may be in exterior home necessities, like our maintenance-free gutters, but we’re embracing the holiday season by helping you gather some ideas for functional and pretty interior holiday decorations. Don’t be a Scrooge, get into the holiday spirit! Check out these great ideas to deck the halls!

Luminary Decorations

Christmastime is about lights–luminary decorations dominate this holiday. There is something magical about turning off the lights and basking in the glow of your Christmas tree. We want those holiday vibes to spread to the rest of your house–not just hanging around your living room. Here are ways to decorate the rest of your house with lights so you can feel that cozy feeling throughout your house.

Christmas Tree Lights

Don’t confine your Christmas tree lights to your tree. There are so many ways that you can use interior lights to decorate for Christmas. Lights can be combined with garland and wrapped through the spindles or railing on your staircase or draped over your mantle. You can hang them from the ceiling to outline a room or to accent a window. Lights diffuse that Christmas feeling throughout the home, and are an excellent decor option for this time of year.

Mason Jars

The Mason jar has really taken over the DIY craft scene in recent years. You can do pretty much anything with a Mason jar to have it serve as a cute and thematically appropriate luminary. Candles do a lot for the ambiance of any room. Why not spend time time DIY-ing some holiday Mason jar luminaries to brighten up your home for the holidays? You can set them on a side or coffee table, on your mantle, or you can line your staircase with them. A major bonus for using Mason jars to decorate is that they are pretty cheap. These Mason jar luminaries might look spendy, but we assure you that you can stay within your budget.

Food and Dining Centered Decorations

No holiday celebration is complete without food. If you are going to be hosting a holiday get-together, don’t forget that one of the best decorations you can have in your home is a well set table. Think about the centerpiece, the colors you use for napkins, and how you arrange your food. All of these considerations will not only wow any guests you have over, but it will really be the focus for your room.

Food Arrangements

There will be gobs of food at any holiday gathering, why not use food as a decoration? Here are some clever ways to use food as a holiday decoration. It’s guaranteed to be everyone’s favorite decoration you have in your home.