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How Improper Roof Drainage Leads to Wet Basements

01 April 2023

Homeowners often go through a multi-step routine after a heavy rainstorm hits, checking that everything is where it’s supposed to be and still in good condition. One of the most important places to look is your basement. It’s always a hassle to flick on the basement light, only to discover your reflection staring back at you in standing water. Unfortunately, basement leaking is an all too common occurrence. In order to discover what causes a basement to leak, you need to look above ground.

Ohio and Kentucky rains can cause basement roof leaks

Unpredictable weather patterns here in the Midwest can wreak havoc on roof drainage systems if your home isn’t prepared. Cincinnati generally receives 44 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow in a year, but sometimes southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky are hit with unusual storms. On August 16, 2018, Cincinnati received more than 5 inches of rain in a single day!

Your roof drainage system and gutters work together to prevent basement leaking and flooding

Roofs exist for structural and functional purposes. When working properly, they drain water from rainstorms and snowfalls into your home gutters. The gutters then carry the water to downspouts and then out and away from your foundation. If you’re dealing with a wet basement that is flooded after rain, look up. When roofing drainage systems are not working the way they should (think of debris-filled gutters, overshooting, or overflowing downspouts), that’s a recipe for a wet basement.

Professional roofing drainage inspectors can find the source of wet basements

A quick visual inspection will help, but if your wet basement is flooded after rain, call a professional for a thorough examination of your roof and gutter systems. At best, your gutters might be clogged, which can  be a simple fix. At worst, you could be looking at a gutter or roof replacement. Contact us today if you have questions, an expert will be able to work with you on an action plan so next time Mother Nature strikes, you won’t be stuck with draining your basement again.