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How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost?

19 September 2022

The first question many homeowners ask when considering gutter replacement is “How much is this going to cost?” It’s a fair question. Open, K-style gutters are different from seamless gutters like LeafGuard, and some companies offer gutter guard attachments that come at a separate cost. Gutter installation cost depends on a variety of factors, so there’s not a one-size-fits-all average cost of gutters and gutter guards.

Think about the following when you’re looking into the cost of gutters:


Gutter replacement costs depend on the size of your home

One of the first things an estimator does when working up a gutter installation price is to measure your home. You’ll often hear the phrase “cost per linear foot” in the gutter industry because the larger the home, the more expensive it will be. Large homes require more material and labor than smaller homes. In addition, multiple levels, complex roof layouts, and other exterior details will increase the cost.


Style & type of gutter

As mentioned above, there are multiple gutter styles. Open gutters are the traditional style with an empty trough for water to flow into from the roof. Optionally, some people add gutter covers, guards, or screens to block debris from entering the gutter trough. Those gutter styles require regular maintenance and cleaning for best results. Then, there are LeafGuard gutters, which are a seamless, curved, all-in-one covered gutter style.


Material can impact the cost of gutters

Some gutter materials are more expensive than others. The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies- while vinyl gutters are cheaper than the remaining materials, they are likely to require replacement much sooner than aluminum, steel, or copper gutters. Learn more about how often you should replace your gutters.


Gutter installation cost will vary based on craftsmanship

Many home improvement stores carry gutters in sections for homeowners to install themselves. The DIY route is cheap because you don’t have to pay for labor, but without a professional gutter contractor to handle it, the chance of errors increases. The cost to install gutters goes up when a pro is involved, but you’ll be less likely to face issues and expensive repairs down the road.

The expert gutter installers at LeafGuard of Cincinnati have years of experience, high-quality materials, and a reputation for success.


Gutter prices fluctuate when it comes to the size of the section that needs updating

If you’re not ready to commit to replacing all the house gutters, you can do the job in sections. Some homeowners choose to start with replacing underperforming gutters to handle their most pressing concerns and avoid roof and ceiling leaks. This is a great method to save money, and you can always replace the remaining home gutters in due time.


Accurate quotes for the cost to replace gutters

When you’re looking to replace your gutter drainage system, you can call us for a complimentary estimate. A professional estimator will measure your home, take into consideration all the details of your exterior and roof line, and show you exactly how LeafGuard gutters will prevent damage and debris from clogging your gutters. They’ll explain what you get for your investment as well as how the gutter installation process works.

Contact us today for a complimentary estimate, and we’ll be in touch to help.