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Guest Houses So Nice They Won’t Want to Leave

10 August 2016

It’s August: summer’s sweet last course on its menu. It’s time to relax and savor its last morsels by visiting with family and friends before the business of fall sets in. You’ve got decisions to make: do you travel or entertain guests at your home? Hmmmm, is it really a hard decision? Do you want to spend August packing up your all your family essentials and spending hours the road while your kids bicker? How about completely red-lining when your children become monsters due to a major routine disruption? Feel like fumbling for your phone in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? Nope, nope, nope. Better option: spend some time and make your guest room awesome. We’ll help you make your guest room so inviting, you’ll never have to endure the hassle of travel again if you don’t want to.

Guest Rooms

There’s a difference between an extra room and a guest room. Take care of a few considerate details, and your extra room will turn into a next level guest bedroom.

  • Post your wifi password

This is a simple thing that makes a huge difference for your guests. They can walk in, drop their bags, and save their data by connecting to your WiFi. In addition, they’ll feel like you’ve gone the extra mile by anticipating their needs.

  • Stock the closet with towels

You don’t want your guests to miss their morning shower because they weren’t sure where to find the towels. Keep your bathroom storage open and save your guests some guesswork by keeping guest linens in your guest bedroom.

  • Provide extra blankets and a fan

Keeping extra blankets is kind of a no brainer. We all know that some people run a little colder than others. But what about those poor people who sweat all night long? Set up an oscillating fan in the guest bedroom, and your warmer guests will thank you.

  • Stuff a cute glass jar with little toiletries

There is probably nothing worse than knowing you’ll be away from home for a while, digging in your bag, and realizing you forgot something essential. Take care of that for your guests by providing some small toiletries. Some ideas for your toiletry jar include toothbrush, toothpaste, contact case/solution, travel size shampoo/conditioner, and make up remover.

  • Think about your bedside manner

No matter how often guests have stayed at your house, they’re still away from their home and far from the muscle memory of their own floor plan. You should always have an easy-on light that’s very accessible from the bed. Also, do you have a TV in your guest bedroom? If you don’t,  you might want to consider leaving a few magazines on the nightstands in case insomnia hits your guests.

What About a Guest House?

If you have a guest house, you know already that your guests are going to be comfortable. They have their very own space to kick back and relax when you’re not all spending time together. In addition to the ideas listed above for a guest room, make your guest house a little more inviting with these extra ideas:

  • Help yourself area

One thing that’s great about a guest house is that you can take at least some pressure off of yourself by giving your guests the materials to be a little more self-sufficient. Leave out some snacks like granola bars, fruit, crackers, etc. Make sure you have any beverage essentials handy for them as well. Think morning coffee, bottled water, tea, etc.

  • Clothing extras

It’s possible that if you have a guest house that your guests will stay longer. Consider having an empty dresser to help them unpack. Conversely, place a laundry basket or hamper in your guest house so they can keep their dirty clothes separate from their clean ones.

Entertaining is a lot less of a hassle if you have some items prepared to really welcome your guests. If you’re looking for more hassle-free home items, check out LeafGuard maintenance free gutters.