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Five Patio Decorating Ideas

18 March 2016

Is your outdoor seating area in need of some TLC before the summer sun arrives? Spruce up your backyard with these six patio decorating ideas that can help you along. You can repurpose old things around the home to help you shop smart when making those all-important outdoor décor purchases.

1. A Great Escape. Your patio should be a place where you can escape after a long day with a book and a cold drink in hand. A hammock works nicely tucked away near a quaint country garden. Or perhaps you like to lounge under vine-wrapped pergolas and with padded wicker in contrasting shapes, colors, and textures. Make your own cozy bungalow dotted with ceramic pots of your favorite flowers. Pick up wicker bases at a steal and add your own fabric padding for appeal.

2. Go Rustic. Reminiscent of a log cabin, turn an old bench into a swing from your porch overhang, complemented by rustic chairs and love seats that encourage lounging. Add a pop of color with bright red throw pillows and warm blankets for chilly nights.

3. Utilize Space Wisely. If you’re short on space, you don’t need a large patio with big pavers. You just need a small space to create a floor from bricks, flagstones, wood chips or even crushed gravel. Add a simple wrought iron table for two with matching chairs and you have the perfect place to sip coffee in the morning. No need to spend big on stones from the quarry. Use what you already have around the property.

4. Floral Furnishings. If you have a green thumb, cultivate your love for gardening with a repurposed work bench for a potting station. Incorporate your outdoor furnishings with botanical fabrics, potted geraniums and impatiens, and flower-shaped accessories.

5. Poolside Shade. If you have a pool or hot tub, provide a shady area nearby where you can get out of the sun in style. Freestanding and table-inset umbrellas are easy to adjust as the sun changes position throughout the day. Funky patterned umbrellas provide pizzazz to any outdoor space. Choose textured slip-resistant pavers for safety around the pool.

To pull your patio decorating ideas together, you have to make sure your backyard works in harmony. That means you should have a fully functioning gutter system that helps properly divert the flow of rainwater away from the home so no pooling occurs. Let us help if you have questions.