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Should I Get New Gutters When I Replace My Roof?

A roof installation is a big project all on its own, but any major home improvement endeavor usually comes with a whole host of other decisions along the way. One common question when dealing with a roofing replacement is whether you have to get new gutters when you replace your roof. Consider the following questions when you’re choosing whether to get new gutters at the same time as your roof:

Are gutters included in roof replacement?

Gutter Drainage Systems are manufactured and sold separately from roof components, but they work together with your roof to keep the elements out of your home. A properly functioning gutter system keeps water from seeping under the shingles and rotting your roof deck. Rainwater flows from the roof straight into the gutters, then the water is transported to the downspouts and away from your home’s foundation. If your gutters are not functioning properly, your home could be in danger of roof and ceiling leaks, among other (expensive!) problems.

How well are your gutters functioning?

If your gutters are brand new or otherwise in excellent condition, you probably don’t need to replace them while you’re getting a new roof. However, take a good look at your home before you decide for sure. Do you see any issues with water in your basement? Water stains on your walls? Are your gutters full of debris? These are all indicators that you should look into replacing your gutters.

Do gutters have to be removed when replacing a roof?

During the process of roof replacement, especially shingle removal, your gutters could be inadvertent victims of damage. As roofers tear off shingles and throw them into dumpsters, wind can knock the shingles onto your gutters, causing dents or other damage. Asphalt granules can also fall into the gutter trough, leading to debris build-up that must be removed before it backs up the gutter drainage system.

Roofers will often cover gutters to help mitigate some of these possible issues, but if your gutters are high-quality, they may need to be removed in order to preserve the warranty. Always ask before removing the gutters!

Should you replace gutters or your roof first?

Since your rain gutters may need to be removed before the roof installation process anyway, it’s generally best to take care of the roof first. That way, you’re not installing gutters just to remove them and reinstall them. Roofs are a major investment, however, and if you know your gutter issues are more urgent, it’s wise to replace your gutters before damage can occur.

Ensure your house roof and rain gutter system work together seamlessly

The best way to prioritize your roof and gutter installations is to contact a professional to assess your home’s exterior. If you’re considering buying a new home, are looking to increase your home value before selling, or simply want to improve your home’s condition, contact us today. An expert from our team can help determine what needs to be done first.