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How LeafGuard Seamless Gutters Handle Tough Winter Storms

Severe winter storms are a fact of life in the greater Cincinnati area. Some weather events have taken on legendary status here- ask anyone over a certain age what they did when the Ohio River froze in 1977, or which hill they sledded when almost a foot of snow fell on one day in 1998. If you’re old enough to remember either of those storms, your winter storm concerns have probably grown in the last few decades (beyond days off school!) Now, when blizzards hit, you also have to think about how your home will handle the harsh weather conditions- particularly your roof and gutters.

Gutter Issues in Winter

Snow, ice, wind, hail and rain can all wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. 

  • The weight of snow can cause gutter problems in winter, particularly if it melts and refreezes into ice before it can drain out your downspouts. 
  • If a certain spot in the gutter trough becomes too weighed down by heavy snow, it could bend under that pressure causing performance issues. That leaves the door open for clogs and possible standing water in your gutters. 
  • Strong winds may blow pine needles, leaves, or twigs into your gutter system. If your system isn’t effectively handing debris, gutter clogs will quickly form and block the water from flowing properly. 
  • Left unchecked, the weight of ice dams can pull your gutter away from your home, causing it to fall to the ground.

How LeafGuard Gutters Work

One of the best solutions for Ohio and Northern Kentucky winter storms is a LeafGuard gutter installation. Typical gutters are open at the top with a trough to catch water- along with leaves, pine needles, twigs, helicopter seeds, and more. Many homeowners opt for gutter guards, covers or screens to prevent debris from falling into the system, hoping to prevent having to clean out the gutters on the weekends. 

Unfortunately, most of these gutter guard attachments allow debris to accumulate on top of the covers and screens anyway. That causes even more gutter issues in the winter! Not to mention, gutter cleaning in winter is no fun, but it’s necessary when leaves and debris continue to fall through December.

Seamless Gutters Custom Sized to Perfectly Fit Your Home and Optimize Performance

The LeafGuard seamless rain gutters system with built in guard and cover protection is different. Our production manager drives a special truck with a gutter forming machine to each home. The machine forms sturdy aluminum into a custom all-in-one gutter, with a hood and trough as one continuous piece. Each gutter is formed to the precise measurements for your home, so there are no unnecessary seams. Using liquid adhesion, water rolls from the top and into the trough. Debris sheds right off the top and harmlessly falls to the ground instead of clogging your gutters. 

LeafGuard Eliminates the Need for Winter Gutter Maintenance

This roll-top, debris-deflecting design also comes in handy during winter. Typical gutters tend to fill up with ice and snow- but with LeafGuard brand gutters, excess ice hangs off the gutters instead, allowing for melting snow to flow through the gutters as usual. There’s far less build up  when compared to standard gutters, and LeafGuard’s aluminum (that’s 20% thicker than the industry standard) can handle the weight. In addition, the hands-off approach of this system means you don’t have to worry about cleaning anything out of the trough. Goodbye, winter gutter maintenance. Hello, gutters that work during the winter. 

Equip Your Home to Handle Winter Storms with LeafGuard Gutter Protection

If you’re tired of gutter problems in winter, consider upgrading your home with a seamless gutters installation. LeafGuard of Cincinnati is the only company authorized to install LeafGuard gutters in the Ohio and Northern Kentucky area. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.If you’re ready for a new gutter replacement, get a complimentary estimate. Our team of expert gutter installers will inspect your current system and help you make sense of your options.