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Why Gutter Guards are Worth Installing on Your Home

Are gutter guards worth it?

One common way to prevent debris from getting into your rain gutters is to install a gutter guard system, also referred to as gutter covers, gutter grates, or gutter screens. Installed on open gutters, guards, covers and screens are supposed to block debris from entering the trough. That way, water is free to flow into your downspouts and away from the home.

In theory, this sounds like a great idea- but how well do gutter guards work? Are gutter guards worth it? The extra cost and effort involved in installation can be overwhelming if you’re not sure whether they actually can help. Below, we’ll look at how they might be able to protect your home, as well as a few different styles.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Rain gutter covers protect your drainage system from debris

Debris is a major culprit of common gutter problems. In most situations, the first thing a gutter contractor will do when they hear something’s not right with the flow of your water from the downspout is to check if there’s a clog somewhere in the system. Without something to prevent leaves, helicopter seeds, twigs, pine needles, and other debris from filling the gutter, it’s all too easy for a clog to form. This is especially common in heavily wooded areas and shouldn’t be taken lightly as clogged gutters can lead to roof and ceiling leaks. 

Reduce the risk of fire damage from clogged gutters

If debris is allowed to accumulate inside your gutters, it could be a fire hazard. Since gutters are associated with rain, fire might not have been your first thought- but it’s a real risk! Leaves and twigs make excellent kindling, so if they’re allowed to sit inside your gutter and dry out, they’re ready to set ablaze if given the opportunity. It’s best to maintain your gutters regularly so all that material and debris doesn’t stay inside your gutter and hinder performance or its lifespan. 

Avoid and get rid of standing water in gutters

Picture this: There’s a clog in the middle of your gutter. Soon enough, a thunderstorm dumps an inch of rain. Under normal circumstances, that rain would have easily flowed through the gutter and down the downspout. Since there’s a clog, however, it stays in the gutter. Next time it rains, more water is added to that same spot, unable to drain. Now you have standing water in your gutters (and a ticking time bomb.) Pests like mosquitos love standing water. It’s the perfect environment for them to multiply. 

In addition, too much water can make your gutter heavy. It might start to bend if there’s a particularly nasty clog. Some homeowners have even found that their gutters begin to pull away from the fascia board under the strain of extra weight from water and clogging. With some kind of gutter guard, leaves and twigs are less likely to fill your gutter trough, helping to prevent that damage. 

Prevent the need for costly home damage & repairs from blocked gutters 

If you take the initiative to protect your gutters before issues arise, you could save yourself from spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars repairing gutter damage. The up-front cost of installing a rain gutter cover often pales in comparison to the price of fixing ceiling leaks, weakened foundations, and other problems caused by clogs. 

Save time and effort on maintaining & cleaning gutters

Nobody wants to spend a weekend afternoon climbing on a ladder, reaching into their gutters, and removing gross built up debris. It’s tedious work, and potentially dangerous if you feel unsteady on a ladder. It’s worth noting that many traditional gutter guards, such as gutter grates or filters, are effective at preventing debris from entering the actual gutter- but leaves still accumulate on top of the guard. Those still need to be cleaned on a regular basis. So are gutter guards necessary? If you’d like to avoid potentially serious damage to your home, they’re definitely worth strong consideration. 

A unique guard and cover solution: seamless gutters

You might be wondering if you’re doomed to cleaning something involving your house gutters forever: either the gutter itself if you don’t install guards or covers, or removing debris from the filter or screen on top of it. Rest assured there’s another gutter replacement option that doesn’t require any of that: LeafGuard gutters.

LeafGuard is a one-piece, seamless gutter system. The hood, which acts as guards or covers, and gutter are all made from one continuous piece of sturdy aluminum, which creates a built-in protection system. Debris like leaves and pine needles are effectively diverted away with the LeafGuard system as water flows over the curved hood into the gutter. No more climbing ladders, since debris doesn’t fill the trough.

Helping Your Home Benefit From Seamless Gutter Installations

With decades of experience, our team of experts knows exactly what they’re doing. Between their skills and the quality of the product, we are able to provide a lifetime no-clog warranty to our customers. If your LeafGuard gutters ever clog, we’ll offer you a complimentary cleaning.

When you’re ready to take the next step toward clog-free gutters, contact us  or schedule your complimentary estimate. We’ll help you explore your options for solving your gutter problems once and for all.