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Are You Comfortable In Your Home?

01 November 2022

Home Comfort

Why is home comfort so important? The obvious answer is, “because I want to be cozy in my home”. That is a great reason and the number one reason for most people, but the main purpose of your home is to shelter you from the elements, and living in Ohio, our homes experience a range of weather. Sure there are some beautiful, “perfect” days – but not many.

In the Midwest, we deal with summer temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and then below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. It will rain, snow, and the wind will blow. It can be very low humidity outside or more often, very high humidity. All of these conditions mean we are not comfortable outside, to say the least, and we look to our home to protect ourselves. When you bought your home, you probably didn’t realize some rooms wouldn’t be comfortable all year-’round.

Battling Home Comfort

If your family lives in a home with cold floors/rooms that are too cold and drafty to use in the winter seasons, rooms that are too hot to be comfortable in during the summer months, or uneven temperatures room to room, you will wind up confining yourself to the rooms that are most comfortable and only using part of your home. When you think about it, that is a big waste.

So we battle the outside elements and temperature by running out of heating and air conditioning systems. But here’s the real question – how MUCH heating or air conditioning do we need to be comfortable?

It could be twice as much or half as much depending on how well your house “performs”. When you run your heating or air conditioning enough to make some rooms comfortable, are other rooms still uncomfortable?