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4 Signs You Need New Gutters

01 November 2021

It’s easy to forget all about gutters unless something is obviously wrong. If you’re not actively inspecting them, they can go to the back of your mind. However, ignoring your gutters can lead to major problems for your home down the road. The best thing to do is check on the gutters at least twice a year to make sure everything is in order. When inspecting your home, here are some signs that you need to replace your gutters.

  • Sagging Gutters: If you take a look at your gutters and see them falling away from your home, then it is crucial you get a new gutter system ASAP. Without fixing this issue, damage could be done to your siding, roof, and home foundation.
  • Peeling Paint: If you’ve noticed water trickling down the side of your home, causing the paint to peel, this may be an indication your gutter system has holes, cracks, gaps, or clogs. If left as is, this can lead to serious damage to your home. Your gutters need to be free of leaks and debris to have the water flow smoothly.
  • Eroded Landscaping & Flooded Basements: If you are noticing pools of water on your landscape or if your basement is flooding, this is a sign that your gutters aren’t working correctly. Gutters properly not channeling water can cause it to get into places it shouldn’t, like your flower beds and the basement.
  • Gutters Pulling Away From The Roof: If your gutters are pulling away from the roof, this is a sign that your fascia board could be rotting. Water will seep into your home’s fascia board and rot over time. Another sign of this is noticing water running down your siding due to your gutters being clogged up with leaves and debris.
Gutter clogged with debris
Traditional gutters can clog all-too-quickly. Photo by LeafGuard